From: Rabbi Perry Tirschwell <>
Subject: The Chanupalooza: Four Slideshows & A Great Video
The Festival of Highlites
December 2008
Chanukah 5769
Eight Great Articles, Eight Great Days  
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It's Not Color War, It's...
Panopluka 5769!
The second annual Panopluka was, as promised, bigger and better. The school was divided into 19 teams, each of which received manila envelopes filled to the brim with brain teasers and trivia questions ranging from science questions to sports trivia. Each team had exactly one hour to finish the fun-yet-challenging brain teasers and trivia , create 3-D logos out of toothpicks, and more. Additionally,Throughout the hour, the teams were randomly interrupted to "name that movie theme song," taste-test Sprite vs 7-Up and other fun activities. All in all, everyone had a great time as Panopluka appealed to different people's talents.
Take the Pano-quiz! Which Panopluka activity are you?

1) Who is your favorite WYHS faculty member?
        a) Mrs. Rainbeau, science teacher extraordinaire
        b) Rabbi Horowitz, Director of Judaic Studies
        c) Mrs. Yudewitz, Athletic Director
        d) Mrs. Stein, WYHS' Artist Extrodinaire
        e) Mrs. Greer, the one and only Humanities Department Chair

What did you do this weekend?
        a) Chemistry homework
        b) Studied for my upcoming Navi test
        c) Played some basketball and watched the Dolphins make the playoffs
        d) Created homemade Chanukah gifts for my friends and family
        e) Sat in Barnes and Noble, sipped coffee, read Sartre, and did a crossword puzzle

3) What did you wear to school on Monday?
        a) My lab coat
        b) Black and white
        c) My Dolphins jersey
        d) A paint-splattered shirt
        e) Ms. Sardano's "I Love Grammar" shirt
If you chose mostly A's: You probably rocked the science trivia questions in the Panopluka packet and  knew when the theory of an atom was created.
If you chose mostly B's:
You should have answered the Tanach related questions, such as identifying the Gadol and filling in missing words of a perek of Tehillim.
If you chose mostly C's:
The sports trivia probably appealed to you and you knew which NBA player had the most MVP wins in a season.
If you chose mostly D's:
You probably loved the art section of Panopluka: creating a team logo out of toothpicks and scotch tape and making a puppet of a teacher out of dreidel-shaped felt and markers.
If you chose mostly E's: The English-based brain teasers were probably your thing.
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Not Just Any Chagiga...
WYHS' First Carnival-Themed Chanukah Chagiga
To put it simply, WYHS' annual Chanukah Chagiga  was incredible. The carnival-themed Chagiga offered a delicious barbeque, fun carnival games, amazing music, fantastic dancing, and more. WYHS students and their families all had an unbelievable time! A big thank you to the Chanukah Chagiga committee!

Click the picture to see the video!


WYHS News Presents:

This Year's  First "Trimester in Review" Video
Before running to the amazing Chagiga, WYHS was privileged to view an unbelievable video expertly created by Chana Brauser ('10), Michael Feit ('10), David Petrover ('10), Ilana Ben-Ezra ('10), and Josh Stadlan ('11). Anchored by Melanie Miller ('11) and Ben Scheiner ('09), the video, which summed up the first trimester, was funny and informative and everyone in the audience loved watching it.

Click the picture for a great slideshow!


 The Annual Extreme Sports Lunch

On the second day of Chanukah, students walked into the Beit Midrash only to see the room transformed into a sports paradise! Students competed in different sports on the mini football field, hockey field, basketball court, and soccer field which were all set up in the Beit Midrash. One of the highlights of the lunch program was the famous "Rabbi Slam Dunk Contest."
Congratulations to rookie Rabbi Avi Hochman (pictured above) on being named the slam dunk champ!


Mrs. Shira Smiles
Teacher at: Darchei Bina, a seminary in Israel
Speaking about
: The power of speech, both in Tanach and our everyday lives

Rabbi Yosef Adler
Principal of: Torah Academy of Bergen County
Rabbi of: Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, NJ
Father of: Beloved WYHS teacher, Mrs. Michal Jacob
Speaking About: The reason behind Chanukah candles

Rabbi Tully Bryks
Director of: South Florida NCSY
Speaking About: The pursuit of happiness

Rabbi Josh Spodek
Former: WYHS Director of Programming
Principal of: Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys in Memphis, TN
Seen: Hugging talmidim and dancing up a storm at the Chagiga


45 Number of people who donated blood

720 Number of fluid oz. of blood donated

116 Number of toys and books WYHS collected for Chai Lifeline


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Food, Faculty, and a Freilechin Chanukah!
WYHS' Annual Mesibas at the Rebbes

by Sarah Struhl ('12)

This past week was filled with tons of exciting activities to celebrate Chanukah, but I'm sure everyone can agree that one of the highlights was definitely the Messibas at the Rebbes. We had the opportunity to go to a teacher's house, enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast, and hear many remarkable words of Torah with our teacher and our friends. Not only was this breakfast a great way to start our day and get us into the Chanukah spirit, it was also an incredible way to bond with our classmates as well as our teacher. As a freshman, it is clear that I, along with the rest of the class of 2012, have already been welcomed to WYHS with open arms. After only half a year, not only have we already formed relationships with our teachers, we know that there will be many more fun, inspirational, and unifying events shortly on the way.


Let the Games Begin!
WYHS Basketball, Chanukah Style

In honor of Chanukah, WYHS went basketball crazy! First, the basketball teams--girls JV basketball, girls varsity basketball, boys JV basketball, and boys varsity basketball--played intense games against our friendly rival, RASG Hebrew Academy of Miami Beach. Next, this past Saturday night, the girls JV team played against female faculty and the boys JV team battled it out with the male faculty in very exciting games.
Here's what the players had to say:
"The girls JV basketball game against Hebrew Academy was very close, even though ultimately we lost. Every player played her best and we're looking forward to beating them next time. LET'S GO STORM!"      
                                             -Sara Tepper ('11) on the JV girls vs Hebrew Academy game

"It was a great game, even though the result was not desirbale. As Chazal teach., 'it is the effort that determines the weight of our success, not the end result.' We played as a team by properly channeling each player's strengths and putting forth effort."
                                              -Aleeza Rubin ('09) on the girls varsity game vs Hebrew Academy

"Our game against Hebrew Academy truly enlightened Chanukah for us as we beat them by an astounding 19 points! "
                                               -Eram Zaghi ('12) on the JV boys vs Hebrew Academy game

"Thanks to team work, skill, and a lot of practice, we had a 59-50 victory in front of tons of Storm fans. Zack Baratz ('10) and Elie Genet ('11) led the team in scoring. "
                                               -David Clements ('09) on the boys varsity vs Hebrew Academy game
"The teachers were outnumbered, but we played really hard and kept up with the girls. Thank you to the faculty who gave of their time, and congratulations to the girls JV team! A great time was had by all!"
                                                -Mrs. Heather Andron on the JV girls vs faculty game
"The game was not only fun, it was also very intense; I saw the look of fear in the eyes of the JV team when our 3 point specialist, Rabbi Benjy Horowitz, walked on the court."
                                               -Rabbi Ben Sugerman on the JV boys vs faculty game 

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